Who are the members of TPE?

The members of TPE are a number of large Danish and international companies from many different trades such as retail, industry, IT, energy, insurance, management consultancy, media, organisations and public authorities.
TPE has 65,000 travellers from all over the world who annually spend 200 million DKR on travel (domestic, the Nordic countries, Europe and overseas).
One of our biggest strengths is the composition of our members and the relatively high representation of member companies that are virtually slump-proof. This means that TPE remains strong even in times of recession.


How to become a member?

We start out analysing the travel expenditure of your company and attempt to analyse where TPE would be able to make a difference. This analysis is based on your company’s own data and will result in a business case where we suggest specific initiatives. 

If it is our assessment that TPE can help your company reduce your travel expenses and that your company will be able to contribute positively to the other members, then we may accept you as a member. We prioritise a member composition which supports our goal of reducing the travel expenses of our member companies without having any negative consequences.


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