What makes TravelpoolEurope different

Travel is a very challenging category to manage. It requires buying power, detailed market intelligence to find the best prices and experience to keep a watchful eye on your travel procurement.

TravelpoolEurope acts as your outsourced travel team to perform all of these tasks. Joining forces with other members helps you achieve so much more than would be possible alone. And as a member association and not-for-profit company, all the benefits are passed on to you. 

Our unique structure brings you four crucial benefits: 

 FOCUS: You concentrate on your core activities; we take care of the travel.
 STRENGTH: Consolidated purchasing power drives better deals with travel suppliers. 
 INSIGHT: We are experienced travel professionals with the technology and expertise to reduce costs.
 SIMPLIFICATION: Our IT systems take the complexity out of managing travel - and we also provide powerful but easy-to-use automated expense reporting. A total global process solution. 

No other organisation offers this unique combination of advantages. 
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